Examples of education and social participation

In recent years, we have provided support for projects focussing on education and social participation:

experience horizons

Whenever parents – for whatever reason – are unable to support their children in the transition from primary to secondary school in the way they would like, the Essen association “Zukunft Bildungswerk” helps thanks to the support of the DEICHMANN Foundation.

providing refuge for young people

At the Essen fun house, children and adolescents find refuge in a district marked by poverty and scarse educational opportunities. They are welcome there and discover – with the help of professionals – new future opportunities.

making charity tangible

At the community centre “WiLLmA” in Marl, young members from a wide variety of family and national backgrounds learn what hospitality means. Because the careproviders make charity visible and tangible, the DEICHMANN Foundation is happy to be a promoter of this concept.

developing sources
of income

Our Foundation partner provides young people and smallholder families in Gambia with extensive farming know-how. People are given a sustainable livelihood.

it-labs established

In a secondary school in the remote south of Tanzania, the foundation, with financial support from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation, sets up three classrooms, each equipped with 30 computer workstations. There, students learn how to use computers.

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Further examples of support in this area may be obtained on request.

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As diverse and individual as the hardship and the need for support that people require, the support that the DEICHMANN Foundation makes possible is targeted. 

Whenever more donations than necessary are received for a project, any excess funds will be used for tasks with a similar goal and purpose.

Other areas where we offer support

development cooperation

emergency and disaster relief


science and research

culture and
the arts


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